University Program Associate

The University Program Associate is a 12-month full-time SPA employee who works for the General Education Program 30 hours per week and the Writing Across the Curriculum Program 10 hours per week and whose General Education responsibilities include:

  1. Reconciling budgets
  2. Allocating and monitoring co-curricular support funding and reimbursements for FYS sections
  3. Managing Travel Authorizations & Reimbursements
  4. Reconciling P-Cards
  5. Ordering office supplies and scholarly resources
  6. Taking minutes and maintaining records for General Education Council and FYS Faculty Coordinating Committee
  7. Scheduling First Year Seminar class sections
  8. Scheduling front office coverage and assisting walk-in traffic
  9. Preparing adjunct faculty dean’s recommendations
  10. Preparing one-time pay contracts
  11. Placing FYS textbook orders
  12. Arranging FYS faculty & student travel as pertains to FYS courses
  13. Coordinating scheduling of General Education meetings, faculty meetings, and faculty development meetings
  14. Supervising work study students and graduate assistants
  15. Other duties as assigned