Understanding Culture through Social Practice


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WGC 2100-2199

WGC 2100-101: Tangents: Italian Language and Culture
The course will introduce students to Italian culture through the study of language, literature,
film, music, cuisine, and contemporary socio-political issues. The objectives of the course are
to create a background for a further study of the Italian culture and language and also broaden
the students’ international perspectives and global awareness. The methodology of teaching is
based on language activities, reading, in-class discussion, and writing. As a result, students are
expected to learn to communicate effectively in Italian on an everyday basic level; develop an
ability to identify themes pertaining to the Italian literature, music, and film; and learn basics
about the Italian cuisine. Through individual research projects and class presentations students
will investigate the cultural impact of the Italian language and other cultural practices.

WGC 3100-3199

WGC 3102-101: Junior Seminar: Japanese Literature and Identity
This course is an introduction to Japanese literature and to the theme of identity. We will read
Paul Varley’s broad, very good introduction to Japanese culture, focusing on literature, but
placing it in some historical context as well. Concurrently, we will read a book of poetry, a short
Noh drama, a short story, and seven novels, and we’ll see seven films. I will lead a discussion of
Genji; then the course will become a seminar in which the initial discussion of each book will be
led by a pair of students. This allows each of us to add our own vision to an overall perception
of the material and theme. I’m no expert, but this is the second time around for this course, so
I feel confident that one of us will notice our most serious blunders and keep us on track.
Full participation will be the key to an excellent class. Please come in with questions
and be willing to live without complete answers.


How These Courses Integrate into Theme:

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