Study Abroad or Study Away for General Education Credit


Did you know that you can get General Education credit while you study abroad in another country or study away at a location in the U.S.? 

If you are planning to spend a semester abroad at a university in another country, you can meet with the staff in the Office of General Education and we can help you identify courses you can take at that institution that will fulfill Appalachian State General Education requirements.  Contact Assistant Director of General Education Kristin Hyle to set up an appointment.

You can also participate in one of the short-term, faculty-led study abroad or study away programs offered each year that carry General Education credit.  To learn about past study abroad programs with General Education credit, visit here.

2014 Study Abroad Programs with General Education Credit

 Travel dates *: June 8, 2014 - July 1, 2014
 Cost ** $4434  (With Airfare) OR $3134 (Without Airfare) - Summer Tuition Not Included
Select the appropriate application form (War in Europe With Airfare OR War in Europe Without Airfare) when applying.
 Departments/programsDepartment of English
Department of History
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Department of Sociology

Dr. Cameron Lippard (Program Leader)
Department of Sociology
Phone: 262-6396

Dr. Kevin Kennedy
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Phone: 262-2348

Dr. Edward Behrend-Martinez
Department of History
Phone: 262-6023

For further information, click HERE.