Revolutions & Social Change


Theme Description: This theme examines the critical role of political, social, and cultural revolutions in bringing change to human society. Emphasis is on the origins and effects of revolutions over time.

Theme Coordinator:   Dr. Brad Nash



HIS 1501. Revolution and Social Change in World History (3). F;S
This course provides an analysis of significant revolutions and social movements in world history. These may be defined as political, social, cultural, scientific and technological. This course examines the events of these movements, as well as the philosophical/ideological ideas that shaped them. It also examines how these revolutions affected societies in a local and global context, and how they continue to affect the world in which we live today. NOTE: HIS 1501 DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD THE REQUIREMENTS FOR A HISTORY MAJOR OR MINOR. (MULTI-CULTURAL) (CORE: SOCIAL SCIENCES)

PHL 3030. Feminist Philosophy (3). S
This course examines conceptual and normative issues in contemporary feminist theory. Issues to be discussed include power and the production of knowledge, resistance, violence against women, sex and gender, the interrelatedness of gender, race, class, and sexuality, body image, the personal as political, and the relation between feminist theory and activism. The class also considers western and non-western feminist discussion of these themes. The goal is for each student to gain an appreciation of the diversity and complexity of feminist thought, as well as insight concerning the relation between women’s experiences and feminist theorizing. (WRITING; MULTI-CULTURAL)

REL 2120. Christianity (3). S
An exploration of Christianity from the early period through the Enlightenment and rise of contemporary Christian movements, students will explore the history of the church, its doctrinal emphases, and its practice in a variety of locations and time periods. (WRITING; MULTI-CULTURAL) (CORE: HUMANITIES)

SOC 1100. Social Problems in American Society (3). F;S
A survey course which examines the major social problems in America today, such as poverty, racism, sexism, aging, militarism and war, environmental abuse, crime, mental illness, drug abuse and alcoholism. (CORE: SOCIAL SCIENCES)

COM 3532

MUS 2015. History of Rock Music (3).F;S;SS.
Study of musical groups, soloists and styles related to the evolution of this genre, and on related social, historic and political events. Rock music from the early 1950s through significant developments of the late 1970s. Lecture three hours. (CORE: HUMANITIES)


How These Courses Integrate into Theme:

Students is each course will examines the critical role of political, social, and cultural revolutions in bringing change to human society. Campus panels and presentations will help students further explore issues of social change and revolution.