Program Toolbox

This section provides tools, resources and links for faculty members within the General Education program.

Basic Criteria for Course Proposals for Gen Ed 2.0 

            All course proposals for the Liberal Studies Experience and Integrative Learning Experience in the revised general education curriculum that will begin in Fall 2015 should address the following questions:

 1.  Does the course clearly and specifically meet at least one General Education goal from the following list:  a) Thinking Critically and Creatively; b) Communicating Effectively; c) Making Local to Global Connections; d) Understanding the Responsibilities of Community Membership? 

2.  Does the course clearly identify at least two appropriate learning outcomes and link those outcomes to at least one of the learning goals listed above? 

3.  Does the course proposal articulate clear and effective methods to assess whether or not the course produces the identified outcomes?

4.  Does the course explore the disciplinary subject in a way that addresses the broader human experience or offers knowledge, skills, or habits of mind for purposes broader than the explicit disciplinary purpose (i.e., for non-majors)?

5.  If the course is being proposed for an ILE theme, is there at least one shared learning outcome that is common to all of the other courses in that theme?

 6. If the course is being proposed for an ILE theme, is there a clear explanation of the methods that will be employed to fully integrate the course into the theme?

7.  If the course is applying for the new Social Science Designation, does it clearly meet each of the four criteria for the designation?