General Education Goal: Making Local to Global Connections


Appalachian State University is both in and of the southern Appalachian region, and it is also part of a world that is globally connected.  Life in the twenty-first century requires an understanding of the connections and multi-layered interactions among diverse local and global human cultures, as well as between humans and the natural and physical environments.  In this context, the general education program helps to cultivate an active understanding of global change and the effect of human agency on both natural and cultural environments.  Students should understand the importance of biodiversity, ecological integrity, and the need to achieve sustainable benefits for communities.  Knowledge of other cultures, diverse cultural frames of reference, and alternative perspectives are essential to thinking critically and creatively and to understanding the responsibilities of membership in local, regional, and global communities.  The cultivation and maintenance of intercultural relationships require active cultural understanding, which is achieved by exploring multiple strategies for interacting with other peoples and cultures. 

Program Assessment Rubrics

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