Learning Outcome Resources

The following component guidelines and learning outcomes resources are provided for faculty, departments, and programs to assist with course proposals and guiding course level learning outcomes linked or related to the four General Education goals. 

General Education Component Guidelines

General Education Designation Guidelines

Rationales, Glossaries, and Rubrics for the Four Goals of the General Education Program (2015) 

Writing Learning Outcomes for General Education Goals

Learning outcomes answer the question "What will students be able to do?".  Typically learning outcomes start with an action verb and describe a measurable or observable process, skill, or ability. You may wish to review the list of sample action verbs from Blooms Taxonomy. 

An excellent resource for crafting the language of learning outcomes can be found within the AAC&U Value Rubrics.  These rubrics were developed by hundreds of faculty from across the country and help describe and articulate some of the most common things we want our students to learn--particularly in general education courses.  AAC&U encourages campuses to draw on and adapt the language in these rubrics when writing learning outcomes for courses and programs.