Program Priorities for 2015- 2016

The General Education leadership team has identified the following goals for the current academic year.

Program Revision

  1. Assist colleges, departments, programs, and faculty in developing course proposal forms for General Education 2.0.
  2. Continue to update campus community about the progress of revisions, including work on General Education website to ensure that all necessary information about General Education 2.0 is available and easily accessible.
  3. Continue to work closely with advising and Enrollment Management programs to ensure a smooth transition to General Education 2.0 that began in Fall 2015.

First Year Seminar  

  1. Begin assessing FYS courses with QEP-related assignments and coordinate with the A-portfolio program to see that appropriate artifacts are deposited in students' A-portfolios.
  2. Resolve enrollment issues with RLCs linked to FYS.
  3. Continue the program of peer review of teaching for select FYS instructors.
  4. Continue to provide faculty development programs, this year with a series of 60- and 90-minute workshops throughout the academic year.
  5. Utilize Master Spreadsheet system for tracking and prioritizing all FYS course proposals and for offering teaching opportunities to recently accepted course proposals/instructors.
  6. Communicate specific FYS teaching priorities on the FYS website.
  7. Alert all faculty about renewals and make sure renewal process and procedure is clear to all involved.
  8. Revise course proposal form to include specifics into Literacy goals given the Library's new method of delivery.
  9. Track funds used in/for FYS (e.g. for co-curricular events purchases as well as well as other purchases).
  10. Oversee faculty teaching in FYS to ensure optimal experience for the students.
  11. Explore opportunities to coordinate with Honors and WRC FYS instructors.
  12. Coordinate co-curricular learning opportunities and services for students in FYS courses.

Thematic Integration

  1. Work with theme coordinators and faculty to make sure that all individual courses for the themes are adhering to the theme shared learning outcomes and forms of integration.


  1. Create a plan for long-term assessment of General Education 2.0 and secure funding for elements of the plan.
  2. Identify faculty development team leaders for general education assessment efforts.
  3. Coordinate the full-time FYS faculty to serve as an assessment team for FYS.
  4. Continue curriculum mapping in order to track the courses approved for the General Education 2.0 curriculum.
  5. Consult with theme coordinators for General Education Integrative Learning Experience themes about A-portfolio pedagogy.

Transfer Students

  1. Continue working with the Office of Transfer Services and advisors across campus to clarify and streamline procedures for transfer credit.
  2. Work closely with the Office of International Education to ease the transition of international students into the general education requirements for Appalachian State University.


  1. Continue with efforts to increase awareness of the goals and value of the General Education program through outreach and advertising both on and off campus.

State, National, and International Dialogue on General Education

  1. Continue to engage in the work of the UNC General Education Council and serve as liaison between the campus and the Council.
  2. Continue to share the story of our General Education program with other institutions through conference presentations, national publications, and solicited consultations.
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