Faculty Coordinating Committees

Each component of the General Education curriculum has a corresponding Faculty Coordinating Committee (FCC) that considers proposals for new courses to be added to the component.  When the FCC approves a course proposal, it is forwarded on to the General Education Council, which considers the proposal for final approval of General Education credit.  The FCCs also make recommendations to the General Education Council regarding proposed policy changes that are related to their component.  Members of each FCC have disciplinary expertise in their committee's curricular area.  Committees consist of three to five faculty members and no single department is to have a majority of members on any FCC. Chairs of each committee are elected by the membership of the committee and serve as the committee's voting representative on the General Education Council. Members are appointed for three year staggered terms by the Faculty Senate.

The Executive Perspective Committee is comprised of the chairs of each Perspective Faculty Coordinating Committee and is charged with ensuring that each Perspective has planned adequately for anticipated student enrollment, that the Perspectives are balanced with enough classes to allow students to progress through the program without prolonging time to degree and that the themes in the Perspectives address the specified goals and outcomes appropriate for each Perspective.

Faculty Coordinating Committees 2016-2017

CommitteeName/Department AffiliationTerm of Office/Year of Term End
First Year SeminarMartha McCaughey (SOC) Gen Ed Appointed - Indefinite
 Sarah Greenwald (MAT)Three year term   2019
 Mike Wade (HIS)Three year term   2018
 Margot Olson (INT)Three year term   2020
Quantitative Literacy
R. Mitchell Parry (CS)Three year term   2020
 Patrick Rardin (P&R)Three year term   2018
 Vicky Klima (MAT)Three year term   2019
Wellness Literacy
Benjamin Sibley (HES)Three year term   2018
 Laurie Atkins (T&D)Three year term  2019
 Derek Mohr (RMPE)Three year term  2020
Fine Arts Designation
Susan Lutz (T&D)Three year term  2020
 Eric Koontz (MUS)Three year term  2019

Joshua White (ART)Three year term  2018
Literary Studies Designation
German Campos-Munoz (ENG)Three year term  2019
 Rodney Duke (P&R)Three year term  2020
 Clark Maddux (WRC)Three year term  2020
Historical Studies Designation
Ed Behrend-Martinez (HIS)Three year term  2020
 Laura Ammon (P&R)Three year term  2019

Eric Frauman (RM)Three year term  2018
Science Inquiry PerspectiveAlexander Schwab (CHE)Three year term  2019
 Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce (GLY)Three year term  2018
 Ted Zerucha (BIO)Three year term  2020
 Susan Lappan (ANT)Three year term  2019
 Francois Amet (P&A)Three year term  2019
 Liberal Studies ExperienceScott Welsh (COM)Three year term 2020
 John Abbott (LIB)Three year term 2018
 Sue Williams (T&D)Three year term 2019
 Timothy Silver (HIS)Three year term 2018
 Lindsay Masland (PSY)Three year term 2020
Integrative Learning ExperienceDamiana Pyles (C&I)Three year term 2018
 Chris Bartel (P&R)Three year term 2020
 Jeanne Dubino (CGG)Three year term 2019
 Mike Helms (T&D)Three year term 2019
 William Atkinson (ENG)Three year term 2020
Social Sciences DesignationCameron Lippard (SOC)Three year term 2020
 Robyn Kondrad (PSY)Three year term 2019
 Cathy Marcum (GJS)Three year term 2018

BOLD TYPE denotes Chairperson