Harvey Durham Outstanding Freshman Advocate Award

About the Harvey Durham Outstanding Freshman Advocate Award

The Harvey R. Durham Outstanding Freshman Advocate Award honors one full-time Appalachian State University employee each year who has contributed significantly to improving the freshman experience on our campus. This award recognizes that the freshman year may be the most important in a college student's academic career. In these two semesters, important decisions will be made, attitudes shaped, and personal connections established that define a student's direction and future. Individual and institutional caring and concern during this crucial year can help freshmen achieve greater academic success, wider participation in campus life, higher retention levels, and more positive feelings about themselves and their educational experience.

The Harvey R. Durham Outstanding Freshman Advocate Award honors persons who have demonstrated one or more of the following: extraordinary personal commitment to freshmen, effective exemplary instruction in freshman-level classes, sustained dedication to campus programs that support freshmen, outstanding individual commitment to programs that support freshmen, or outstanding individual commitment to freshman success. All instructional faculty, student development personnel, administrators, and staff who have worked at Appalachian for at least three years are eligible. The recipient each year receives a $1,000 award, an inscribed plaque, and a medallion.

The Durham Award Committee is composed of the Director of Freshman Seminar, who serves as permanent committee chair, two faculty selected by the Director of Freshman Seminar from among faculty who have demonstrated commitment to the freshman experience, and one representative each selected by the Staff Council and the Student Government Association. Terms for faculty and staff representatives will be two years; Student Government Association representatives will serve one year. The award recipient will also hold a one-year appointment on the award committee following his/her Freshman Advocate Award.

Durham Award Recipients

2005 - Joni Webb Petschauer

2006 - Joseph Pollock

2007 - Micki R. Early

2008 - Jim Street

2009 - Lynn Moss Sanders

2010 - Katie Adams

2011 - Nikki Crees

2012 - Joseph Gonzalez

2013 - Jennifer Burris

2014 - Paulette Marty

2015 - Jan Stanley

2016 - Kelly McBride

2017 - Denise Goetz

2018 - Lynne Waugh

2019 - Martha McCaughey