Duncan Award Recipients

About the Duncan Award

The award recognizes innovative and successful teaching in Appalachian’s General Education program. The award was established by First Citizens Bank in honor of Wayne D. Duncan. He is the past chairman of Appalachian’s Board of Trustees and past chairman of the Appalachian State University Foundation Board of Directors where he now serves as an Emeritus member.  

Duncan Award Recipients

2007 - Richard Klima

Rick used his Duncan Fellowship award money to travel to two national mathematics conferences to present some of the course materials the he developed and that contributed to him being awarded the Fellowship.

2008 - Joe Gonzalez

2009 - Paulette Marty

Paulette used her stipend to travel to France and scout locations and resources for a short-term study abroad program.  She and another professor regularly co-lead a study abroad program to England and wanted to expand the program to include Paris as well, but needed more knowledge of the city and specific sites within it before bringing students there.  This stipend enabled Paulette to travel to Paris after one of their England-only programs and gain the knowledge necessary to expand the program into France.

2010 - Sarah Greenwald

Sarah purchased a laptop with her stipend money.  For example, as associate editor she helped publish six issues per year of the Newsletter for the Association for Women in Mathematics.  I’ve also developed and given external talks using the laptop, including “Developing Spatial-Visual Reasoning in Classrooms and the CUPM Geometry Study Group Report” at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Canada on August 9, 2014 and “Geometry of the Earth and Universe” at Purdue University Calumet on April 3, 2014, to name a few.

2011 - Ray Williams

Ray used his stipend to attend an American Association of Colleges and Universities Meeting ("Student Success: Pushing Boundaries, Raising Bars) in Seattle WA. This workshop-style meeting provided him many insights into exciting pedagogy for general education instruction from colleges and universities across the US. He described it as a very rewarding experience.

2012 - Ila Prouty

2013 - Sarah Carmichael

Sarah used her award money to fund a trip to Mongolia for fieldwork to study the geochemistry of mass extinctions in August 2014.

2014 - Judkin Browning

Judkin used the money primarily for travel related to his research projects. He also purchased books to assign in his classes.  The books were too expensive for him to require students to pay for them, so he purchased them and will loan them out to his classes each semester.

2015 - Amy Hudnall

2016 - Craig Caldwell

2017 - Eric Frauman

2018 - Kara Dempsey

2019 - Leah R. Hamilton