Course Renewal Process

A rolling four-year renewal process for all General Education courses establishes a systematic method for departments to confirm or modify the goals and student learning outcomes of the courses they contribute to the General Education Program. Assessment of the courses will be performed at the program level and is no longer a part of the course renewal process. It should be noted however that classes randomly selected to participate in each year's General Education Program level assessment by providing artifacts of student work are chosen based on these goals and learning outcomes. Each department will complete a Form D for each individual course during the academic year that course is due for renewal. These forms will be automatically submitted to the General Education Office and then reviewed by the appropriate Faculty Coordinating Committees before moving to consideration by the General Education Council. The following documents and information are designed to help guide you through the process:

  • Cohort Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet will help you to determine which cohort contains your particular course/courses as well as the academic year that each cohort and the classes within it are scheduled for renewal.
  • Cohort Timeline – Course renewals for Cohort 0 (Academic year 2020-21) are due by noon February 5, 2021.
  • Form D - This Qualtrics form is required for each course undergoing renewal and also requires the submission of a syllabus for that course being renewed
  • General Education Dashboard - This dashboard will help you to determine which General Education Program Goals as well as attributes such as Component and Designation a class meets.

Questions about the process should be directed to Dr. Ted Zerucha at