Course Renewal Process

A rolling four-year assessment and renewal process for all General Education courses establishes a systematic decentralized method for individual departmental assessment.  Assessment of the courses will be performed at the department level based on the assessment plans developed and put into place in each individual department.  Each department will complete a Form D for each individual course.  These forms will be submitted to the General Education Office and then reviewed by the appropriate Faculty Coordinating Committees before moving to consideration by the General Education Council.  The following documents and information are designed to help guide you through the proess:

  • Cohort Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet will help you to determine which cohort contains your particular course/courses.
  • Cohort Timeline and Tasks - This document shows the timeline for the renewal and assessment process for each cohort, as well as a schedule of interim tasks and deadlines within each renewal year.
  • Form D - This form is required for each course undergoing assessment and renewal.  The form will be partially pre-populated by the General Education Office and will be sent to the departments prior to the year in which the assessment and renewal process for their individual courses occurs.  Please review the sample Part D Form an examples of a pre-populated form.  Note:  Departments should check with their respective colleges to see whether the Part D forms need to be submitted for review at the college level, or whether they can be sent directly to the General Education Office from the departments.
  • Form D Assessment Rubric - This is the rubric that will be employed by the Faculty Coordinating Committees to review the Form D renewal form submitted for each individual course.
  • FAQ - This page addresses frequently asked questions about the forms and the renewal process.  You will also find useful information and resources for assessment.  

Questions about the process should be directed to Dr. Michael Krenn at