Assistant Director of General Education

The Assistant Director is a 12-month full time EPA employee whose responsibilities include:


  1. Assisting students with course credit issues and advising them regarding the petition process after the student has been advised by his/her academic advisor, Office of Transfer Articulation staff, or Advising Services staff in his/her college
  2. Reviewing student transcripts and making recommendations to the Director regarding appropriate general education substitutions
  3. Serving as a DegreeWorks Power User
  4. Serving as primary liaison with the Office of Transfer Articulation
  5. Tracking all general education course and theme proposals
  6. Identifying appropriate general education credit for courses from other institutions and requesting that the Office of Transfer Articulation add the courses to the transfer articulation tables
  7. Tracking enrollment patterns and providing information to the Director and Faculty Coordinator of First Year Seminar
  8. Attending General Education Council meetings (no voting rights)
  9. Representing the General Education Program at AP&P, Undergraduate Advising Council, and other ad hoc committees dealing with enrollment and curriculum
  10. Coordinating the FYS online evaluation process
  11. Tracking RLC enrollments and advising the Residence Life RLC Coordinator
  12. Representing the General Education Program at university and external events
  13. Supervising graduate assistant assigned to records management
  14. Performing other duties as assigned