Advising for Chairs & Program Directors

Articulating Coursework for Transfer Students

Transfer students who have earned an Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science(AS), or the Transfer Core Diploma, from a North Carolina community college, earning a grade of C or higher in all courses, will be exempt from all lower-level General Education requirements. They will still need to complete the Writing in the Discipline and Senior Capstone requirements within the major. Transfer students who have not completed their AA, AS, or the Transfer Core Diploma, earning a grade of C or higher in all courses will have their transferred coursework applied to the General Education requirements on a course-by-course basis. For existing courses that have established Appalachian transfer equivalencies, the Office of Transfer Services will evaluate the credit.  If there is no established equivalency, a course will be transferred in as an elective, and students will need to request appropriate credit for such courses.  Therefore, department chairs and program directors will need to evaluate electives for ASU equivalencies.

There are three equivalency options for program directors and department chairs who are evaluating transfer coursework that does not have an established ASU equivalent:

  1. Program directors or department chairs can accept that course as an equivalent for a course offering in their department or program.  This will set a precedent, meaning that particular outside course will count as the ASU equivalent for all students who bring in that course as transfer credit.
  2. Program directors or department chairs can accept the transfer course on a one-time basis for just that student.  For example, if the transferred course is not equivalent, but the chair feels that, based on success in other coursework, the student has achieved the learning outcomes associate with the ASU course in question, the chair may accept transfer credit as a substitute for that student only.  This decision would not carry precedent.
  3. Program directors or department chairs can deny course equivalent status for that class at ASU.  The student then has the option of petitioning the General Education office for Gen Ed credit rather than course equivalent credit.  To do so, they should send an email to the Assistant Director of General Education requesting credit ( 

If the General Education office assigns General Education credit, the General Education office will add the appropriate information to the student’s record. Petitions will not affect departmental or degree program rulings on specific course equivalencies, which remain within the purview of the department or program in which the courses are housed.